emotional support dogs

What are emotional support dogs?

An emotional support dog is an animal that provides therapeutic benefit(s) to their owner through support and companionship to help alleviate or reduce feelings of anxiety and depression.
These animals provide comfort, companionship, and relief for their owner in the accomplishment of one or more major life activities.
Examples of conditions with drastically reduced symptoms by an emotional support animal might include anxiety, depression, PTSD, trouble sleeping due to disability and many more.

Experts say an emotional support dog, who can sense anxiety in their owner, is better than taking a pill to ease the condition. 

LSU - leading the way

College is an exciting time filled with new experiences and responsibilities.  However for many students this transition is accompanied by feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression.  

The Forever44 fund created by Wayde's parents, Wayne and Fay Sims, will be a resource for LSU students.

LSU will be the first school in the country to provide this natural form of therapy to its students.  The fund aims to bring awareness to students and allow them to know it is ok to admit they are experiencing anxiety.